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If you're a beginner to lace wigs choosing whether you should get swiss lace or French lace wigs can be a difficult decision in the realm of lace wig options. Generally speaking, a majority of lace wigs are made with either swiss lace or French lace. Swiss lace vs. french lace can affect how natural your lace front wig looks. It can also determine how long your lace wig will last.

Now, you’re probably wondering: What do I choose?

I’ll answer that in a few. But first, let’s get to know swiss lace and french lace better first


The Difference Between Swiss Lace and French Lace Wigs

All hand-tied lace front wigs are made meticulously by tying individual strands of hair onto a lace mesh base. Not all lace mesh bases are equal. There are different types of lace for different lace wigs.


Swiss Lace

The individual holes in a swiss lace wig are slightly larger than that of french lace.
Swiss lace is very similar to french lace. Again, the only real difference is it has larger holes and it's a thinner material than french lace. 

Swiss lace is a great choice for active lace wig wearers and can be used for everyday wear as long as you treat the wig with TLC (tender loving care).


French Lace 

French lace is thick and durable. The individual holes in french lace are a tab bit smaller than swiss lace.

If you are a beginner, rough with your lace wig, or apply your lace wig with adhesive glues or tapes a french lace wig will be a great option for you due to its durability. 

Even though french lace is thicker than swiss, don't count this option out. French lace can still create a beautiful natural undetectable appearance.



In my experience no matter what lace type you choose, both will give the most realistic hairline if you're looking for a natural-looking lace wig.


In your journey to discover if swiss lace or french is best for you, we hope we have provided some insight by knowing what the pros and cons of swiss lace and french lace are, so you’ll have a better chance of finding the right choice for you.


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<![CDATA[FAQ about wigs.]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ladylace-wigs/        

Q: How to Wash a Wig?

A: After washing a wig, do not dry as a whole but carefully dry it piece-by-piece. This ensures each strand of fibers doesn't come off. Also, never style your wig while it's wet. Even wet- to-style hairstylists are known to damage the wig.


Q: How to Maintain Human Hair Wig in shape?

A: After usage, remove the wig and station on a wig stand. Full lace wigs .

Do not tug & pull the wig as you remove it. The stand will maintain its shape in place.


Q:The Right Way to Measure Wigs

A: 01Measurement of straight hair wigs: Start from head spin to the longest hair at the bottom.

02. In order to measure the length of wavy hair wigs, it would need to be stretched.

03. Repeat step 01.


Q: Can Wigs Be Dyed?

A: YES, human hair wigs, the color can be deposited. Low lights can be added easily for depth or by adding rooting at the crown. We do not recommend lightening the wigs as the color does not light evenly or not at all. Synthetic wigs cannot be colored as they have no cuticle.


Q: Can Wigs Be Styled?

A: YES, on human hair wigs heat tools (curling irons and flat irons) can be used on medium heat. Synthetic HD fiber (heat defiant fiber) can take the medium heat as well. Just be sure to let the style cool and set to stay.


Q: Can Wigs Be Curled?

A: YES, human hair wigs can be curled with a curling or straight iron. Synthetic hair the curl is baked in, so when you wash the hair the curl pattern comes back.


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<![CDATA[Staying comfortable with wigs in summer]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Staying-comfortable-with-wigs-in-summer/

Wow, summer is here and it’s hotter than ever! This is why now is the perfect time to share my Ultimate Guide to Staying Cool in Your Wig this Summer. While it sounds nice to hear “just put your hair up in a pony”, when you’re a full-time wig wearer, it’s not that easy. Sure, with your own hair you can pull off a 5-second pony and run out the door, but with a wig - where do you even start?

 Here are several tips to help you wear your wig comfortably this summer.

 Consider Lightening The Color

Dark colors attract heat, so wearing a dark wig will likely have the sun’s rays heavily focused on your wig. If you can opt for a lighter color for the summer to help deflect the sun. You can have fun changing up your style for a few months, and enjoy being outside in your wig a little more.

 Choose the Right Cap

The right wig cap can make all the difference. A traditional capless wig provides superior ventilation, allowing the scalp to get more air and stay cooler in warmer weather conditions. They’re also very durable, making them a great investment. Monofilament Caps or mono top wigs are other smart choices for the summer months. These aren’t quite as breathable as the capless options, but do offer supreme comfort and some ventilation. Take a look at our wig cap construction manual for more information.

 Choose the Short

Short Wigs are a great option for summer because they keep the hair off of your back and neck, even if you just go a little shorter than usual, it will reduce the weight your head bears and will have less length laying on your body. If you’re opposed to a short wig, wearing it up or pulled back is another great option.

 Consider Synthetic

Synthetic wigs tend to be lighter and airier than human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are typically a little thinner than human hair, and lighter as well. The great thing is, they’re also affordable, making them a great investment to wear temporarily then place aside for future summers.

Comment and share your favorite tip, plus tag us in your photos. We can’t wait to see how cool you look while staying cool this summer and every hot day to come.

You can recreate all of these looks with our Beautiful Choice Monofilament Wig - color K13 was depicted here but we carry many others to fit your signature look.

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<![CDATA[How to Wash Human Hair Wig or Synthetic Wig?]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ladylacewigs/  

One of the keys to making your wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions look great longer, is proper care. Love your hair & it will love you back! Here are tips to help guide cleansing, conditioning & styling.

How to wash wigs!

Find tips to wash your wig like a pro and make sure you:

1. Keep your wig looking beautiful, longer

2. Avoid stretching or damaging the cap

3. Manage tangles and mattings

4. Reduce shedding and frizz

5. Restore Luster

What you'll need

1. Folding Wig Stand

2. Wide tooth Comb

3. Synthetic or Human hair shampoo

4. Synthetic or Human hair conditioner

5. Towel

Step 1: Detangle 

Before you wash, make sure you carefully detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb. Start from ends and work toward the root to decrease shedding.

Step 2: Rinse

Use lukewarm water and rinse from roots to ends. Do not soak or rub as this can lead to tangling.
Tip: If your wig is curly, try leaving the hairnet on.

Step 3: Shampoo

Loosen shampoo in your hands and work through the hair. Distribute a small amount of shampoo evenly throughout the hair.
Tip: Use circular motions to clean the cap.

Step 4a: Condition Synthetic Hair

Spray leave-in conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Tip: Avoid the root or knots.

Step 4b: Condition Human Hair

Leave in for a few minutes before rinsing. Do NOT apply conditioner to the root. By applying conditioner to the roots, the product will undo the knots in the cap and cause loss of fiber.
Tip: If dry or damaged, use a deep conditioner.

Step 5: Rinse

Let lukewarm water flow in the same direction of the hair to avoid tangling. Squeeze and press the hair; do NOT wring.
Tip: Towel blot to remove excess water.

Step 6a: Dry Synthetic Hair

Air dry on a folding wig stand.

Tip: Gently part the hair with a comb before wig dries.

Step 6b: Dry Human Hair

Blow dry about 80% and then round brush until smooth.

Shop on Ladylacewigsw.com!
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<![CDATA[How to Care and Store Your Wig]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/How-to-Care-and-Store-Your-Wig/  

Do you have the problems about how to care wigs, here are several tips that may help you better care and store your human hair lace wigs.


1. Wash and condit4 ion hair once a week. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out hair daily to remove tangles. Never comb roughly from the hair root, which will cause shedding.


2. Never use hot water or cold water when washing. Hot water may loosen the wig construction, and cold water is not good for removing the dirt.


3. Always rinse human hair wigs with the water flowing in the same direction of the hair to avoid matting and tangles.


4. When washing, pay special attention to the area around the face which may accumulate dirt, oil, and makeup.


5. Never twist or rub your wig vigorously while washing or drying.


6. Always use sulfate-free care products formulated for chemically processed hair to wash and style your human hair wigs to keep the hair soft and manageable.


7. To avoid stretching the cap, never place a wet wig on a mannequin or Styrofoam head. A folding wig stands or a tall can of hairspray make the best drying platforms.


8. Have two wigs ready to wear at all times. This way when you are washing one wig, you have a backup which is ready to go. Plus, rotating between wigs also helps to extend the life.


9. If you would like to store your wig, make sure that your wig is washed and totally dry, and put into the black net when we shipped with your wig. Do not apply any product when your wig is not in use.


Very useful tip: When storing your long human hair wigs, detangle it and braid it into one or two braids, this will avoid your wig in a mess.


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<![CDATA[Is It Okay to Wear a Wig Everyday?]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Wear-a-Wig-Everyday/  


It is okay to wear a wig every day as long as you are taking care of the hair underneath the wig. Be sure to routinely wash both the wig and your own hair in order to avoid dirt buildup.

That said, wearing the same wig every single day will eventually put a strain on the wig. For that reason, follow these tips to keep your wigs looking healthy.


1. Wash your wig before you wear it.

Don’t wear it straight out of the box. When you first remove a wig from its packaging, it tends to retain the shape of the packaging, which will give it a less natural look. Style it yourself, or consider taking it to a hairstylist who can cut it to make it look natural.


2. Don’t choose wild colors or outrageous styles.

If you want to wear the same wig every single day, then make sure it’s a wig that is versatile--that is, one you can wear on several different occasions, whether that’s to a formal event or to run errands.

However, if you already own one or two more traditional wigs, feel free to treat yourself to one a little more eccentric, for special occasions.


3. Consider a partial wig.

There’s no need to commit to a full wig every single day, especially if you are new to wigs. Instead, try a half-wig or experiment with a topper piece. Just be sure to blend it thoroughly into your natural hair texture.

But if you're not considering the price, full wigs are still the best choice, as the wigs nowadays are designed beginner-friendly which you can wear right out of the box.


4. Pay attention to the hairline.

If your forehead is showing, opt for a lace front wig, which is one of the most natural-looking wigs available. Similarly, be careful that the wig isn’t too thick or bulky at either the part or the base of the hair.


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<![CDATA[Ocean Hair Wigs]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ocean-hair-wigs/

The latest beach-inspired trend may be just what you need to brighten your mood. Capture that carefree summer feeling with an Ocean Hair wig from ladylacewigs.com. If you’ve read fashion magazines or been on social media lately, you might have spotted this fun trend. If you haven’t, you’re undoubtedly asking yourself, ‘What in the world is Ocean Hair?


Well, it’s blue hair of course, but Ocean Hair is much, much more. It’s a combination of shades of cobalt, teal, turquoise, and even some hints of green which create depth and movement - mimicking the unpredictable ocean waves.


Created by California-based hairstylist, Brittany Holland, Ocean Hair is a trend that has become wildly popular. Check out her hair color posts on her Instagram. The best part of Ocean Hair is that everyone can put their own spin on it.


Try ombre blue or midnight roots that fade out, or even bright blues and greens reminiscent of Caribbean waters. Dyeing your own locks blue may be too much of a commitment or too much for your bank account. Don’t worry - you can try the trend without hours spent in a colorist’s chair. The hairdo has made it possible to wear today’s trends without cutting or coloring your hair. Experiment with all sorts of colors and highlights with simple clip-in extensions or full wigs.


Hairdo’s Blue Waves wig. If you want a full color look without the dyeing process, try a full wig in a bright and fun color. You can rock your own version of Ocean Hair with Hairdo’s Blue Waves wig. Make a splash in this bold blue with on-trend waves where colors flow from dark roots to bold and baby blues. It’s mermaid hair in just seconds. Made of heat-friendly synthetic fiber, you can wear this style as smooth and straight as a calm ocean or as wavy as a stormy sea.


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<![CDATA[Why Black Women Prefer to Wear a Lace Wig? -- The Top 5 Advantages of Wearing a Wig]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/The-Top-5-Advantages-of-Wearing-a-Wig/  

Why do more black women prefer to wear a wig is not a question, actually there're more people wear wigs than you think.


The main reason that you feel like black women prefer to wear a wig more is black women just talk about them more. We're more willing to share tips on application, care and clean the wigs, and sale information so you can find a comparatively cheaper and better wig. We just have a better community in general and are more open and honest.


And there are more reasons why people not only black girls wear wigs



1.Wearing a Wig Protect our Hairline

Braiding hair damages the hairline as opposed to wearing a wig.

It's easier and healthier for black girls to wear a wig than endure painful braiding which damages the hairline.


2.Wearing a Wig Protect Our Natural Hair

Most black women actually love their natural hair, and many wear wigs and weaves as a protective measure. A well-known website www.naturallycurly.com can prove this.

As we already know afro-textured hair can be very difficult to manage so many girls prefer to get their hair braided back and simply install a wig to allow their natural hair time to grow.


3.Wigs Let Us Change Our Hairstyles More Conveniently

Many people like to wear wigs to come to be stylish. We want to try out many different looks.

We can change their hair from brief to long, from straight to curly, from blonde to red by wearing wigs. The wigs make it possible for us to have a stunning look by modifying our hairstyles.


4.Black hair doesn't hold extensions easily as Caucasian hair does.

White women wear lots of hair extensions as much as black women wear wigs, and some also wear wigs as extensions like clip-ins, glues, and heats will damage their hair. But the difference is that more white women prefer synthetic wigs than human hair wigs.


5.Wigs Disguise Hair Loss -- This Is Not Limited to Black Women

And another reason for wearing a wig, this is not limited to black women, but for worldwide people, is to cover the defect.

When someone is suffering from hair loss because of chemotherapy, and when she/he wants to be more confident in public, she/he might choose to wear a wig before their own hair growing out.


Most of us choose to wear wigs for a reason, but every reason is to make ourselves look more beautiful. If you have your own reason not include here, comment below.




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<![CDATA[Some of the Best Wig Styles for the Spring]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Some-of-the-Best-Wig-Styles-for-the-Spring/


Spring is here, which means its time for some fresh new looks and a sunny disposition! The changing seasons comes with plenty of opportunities to update your look or get a unique wig style for the warm weather. Wigs are great for completely spicing up your look with the changing of the seasons. Even if you’ve suffered from hair loss of some sort, one of the advantages of wearing wigs is that you now have the option of many different kinds of hairstyles. This is something that might not have been possible with your natural head of hair. The trending autumn and winter looks are about to be out and about, so you need to know all about the right wig styles.

The changing seasons comes with plenty

of opportunities to update your lookor get a

unique wig style for the warm weather.

Bangs with Texture

Bangs can be one of the trickier wig styles if you don’t get them just right. You should take into consideration your face shape before committing to the look. Bangs will bring in a fresh new look to any style. Consider brushing the bangs forward and keeping them full, or sweeping them to the side. This way, you can get the best of both worlds for your wig.

Browns and Brunettes

Brown is the new black for most wig styles! Keeping in line with natural hair trends, brown-haired wigs are in right now. Go anywhere from a darker cappuccino colored to a medium chocolate brown wig to stay up with the current trends in wig care.

Wavy Wigs

Wavy wigs are also trendy. You will see them in all sizes and shapes as the wave craze is growing for wig styles. Wavy hair looks good on just about anybody. You just have to find the perfect match. Finding the proper wig for you can be challenging, which is why we recommend calling Wigs and Hair Solutions! Our certified wig experts can give you advice on which wigs work for your skin tone and face shape!


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<![CDATA[Chic Ombre Color Celebrity Lace Wigs]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Chic-Ombre-Color-Celebrity-Lace-Wigs/

Ombre color has been one of the top trends these years! Ombre, highlights towards the ends, you can see this hair style everywhere now.

Check out the new ombre color style gallery on ladylacewigs.com, get color inspiration.

Blonde ombre bob cut

Summer is the bob season! Black color in the roots balances the overall looking for the sake of natural hair color. Blonde is always a shining color.

This long straight bob is new developed Ashanti style. This blonde will be your top choice for ombre color try.


Bouffant ombre curly hair

Tiana in Empire is the best known role for Serayah McNeill. Her sing and style in the TV show is really hot!

Ombre hair works on any skin tone from very fair to dark, this fluffy curly hair pairs with blonde ombre color is incredibly outstanding.

Highlight long straight hair

If you don’t want to dye the whole hair, highlights is a nice compromise.

Highlights offer a great way to refresh your look and update your hair color without having to dye your whole head.

Sections of this Jennifer Hudson style are dyed to create depth and texture and lighten the overall look.

Wavy style ombre color 

Gradient shadings imbue hair with an edgy aesthetic. Unlike the natural aesthetic of Bayalage, ombre highlights transition more dramatically from the dark roots to the lighter tips.

Complex color combinations can require more frequent touch-ups to maintain this seemingly low-maintenance look.

Color-treated shampoos and conditioners can help you get the most mileage out of ombre tresses, as can regular coats of gloss.


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<![CDATA[Top 5 Best Human Hair Wig Styles Of 2020]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Top-5-Best-Human-Hair-Wig-Styles-Of-2020/ What Are The Most Popular Wig Styles In Spring 2020

The year 2019 is coming to the end, and the season of Spring in 2020  is just on its way. The people who like to wear human hair wigs will also follow the trend to change the image, always can't keep the same wig length and style. Perfect wig style not only makes your face more delicate but also makes your facial features more three-dimensional. So which kind of wig style should we choose for the warm Spring of 2020? Here Just Virgin Hair will introduce 5 most popular wig styles for 2020 Spring, all kinds of wigs help to dress up unique and fashionable styles.

Best Wig Style Of 2020 - Black Short Bob Wig

Wear a fresh and bright black short hair wig to welcome a new year’s Spring! The black short bob lace front wig is not only fashionable and personalized but also comparable to the warm spring sun. It shows a unique personality style, fresh and moving, gives a very clean feeling. The short style human hair wig is very breathable, it doesn't make our heads sultry, and it's good for our hair. Strive to be a beautiful and charming woman with freshness and insensibility!

Most Popular Wig Style For 2020 - Long Bob Lace Front Wig

Long bob lace front wig has always been one of the most popular wig styles for black women. The hair should be shoulder length, you can keep bangs according to your face shape and hobbies. The biggest advantage of this hair is that women with any face shape can wear it easily, and they can also try to make different curls on the wig such as deep wave loose wave or body wave to increase the fluffy and layered feeling of her hair.

Hot-Selling Human Hair Wig Style For 2020 - Long Curly Wavy Wig With Bangs

This kind of wig style is loved by many people in 2019, so there’s no exception in 2020. Wear the long curly wave wig, match with a fashion hat, you can lead the trend of Spring 2020. The long curly wavy wig with bangs is very perfect for daily use, theme parties, weddings, dating, concerts,and also Valentines’ Day. No matter what color your skin is, black or white, this kind of human hair wig will match your complexion color, make you more beautiful and sexy, just like healthy natural hair does.

Best Wig Style To Buy For 2020 - Blond Full Lace Human Hair Wig With Baby Hair

This blonde full lace wig with baby hair is one of the best wigs in 2020. Can be made from Just Virgin Hair’s 100% high-quality virgin human hair. The wig features beautiful and fashionable colour blonde, with the soft, super-long tumbling waves. This wig is styled in a long wave and has very believable super free lace parting in the front for an ultra-realistic look and feel. Buy best wig blond full lace hair to create a new image for welcoming the new year 2020!

Best Wig 2020 - Loose Wave Full Lace Wig With Baby Hair

This loose wave human hair full lace wig offers a thick, full-bodied look. With naturally placed baby hairs and a pre-plucked hairline, nobody can know that you’re wearing a wig, even if you put it in a high ponytail or bun. The lace is a medium brown colour making it a great option for medium to dark skin tones. The hair is soft and healthy feeling with minimal shedding. It is very comfortable against your skin.

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<![CDATA[How to wear wigs]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/How-to-wear-wigs/ Step1: Pull your hair away from your face.

 If you are covering your natural hair with a wig, you will need to get it out of the way before you put the wig on. Brush your hair back away from your face with your hands or a hairbrush. Pin it back using 3-4 bobby pins towards the back of your head.

After you’ve pinned the hair back, you can spray it with hairspray to keep it securely in place.

Step2: Pinup long hair to help hide it under the wig. 

Split your hair into two sections. Bring the right section up along the left side of your head and pin it in place using a row of bobby pins. Space the bobby pins about 2 inches (5.1 cm) apart.

Try to get your hair to lie as flat as possible. Don’t twist it as you pin it up or it will be bulkier.

For very long, unruly hair, braid your hair into two French Birds that sit tight against the scalp. Cross them at the nape of your neck and secure them at the top and bottom with hair clips.

Step3: Put a wig cap on your head before the wig.

To keep your hair covered and help secure the wig, place the wig cap against your natural hairline in the front. Stretch it over to fit onto your head from the front to the back. Tuck away any stray hairs into the cap.

If you have a lot of long hair clipped up or braided, it may be easier to put the cap on from the back to the front to help keep your hair in place.

You can also make your own wig cap if you want the perfect custom fit.

Step4: Secure the cap in place with snap clips. 

Use 6 clips spaced evenly across the front of your head and 4 at the back of your head. Make sure the bottom of the clip is under the wig cap to secure it in place.

Step5: Put on the wig. 

Hold the wig with both hands inside the wig, with the back of the wig facing you. Tilt your head forward and put the front of the wig against your front hairline. Slide the wig on your head and slip your hands out from under it. Adjust the edge of the wig so it lines up with your hairline.

Step6: Secure the wig with glue or tape.

Once youve put the wig on, lift up the edge of the wing on one side. Apply glue or tape along your hairline. Release the edge of the wig and press it gently into the adhesive. Repeat along the top of your hairline and on the other side.

  • Find wig glue and tape at your local wig shop, costume shop, or online.
  • If you are using glue, keep the edge of the wig lifted for about 30 seconds to allow the glue to dry before you place the wig back down for extra secure hold.
  • If your wig fits very well and has clips attached to it, you may be able to skip the gluing or taping. Simply tuck the wig clips underneath your wig cap and press the center of the clip to snap it shut.






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<![CDATA[When Should I Wear A Wig?]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ladylacewigs-blog/  

There’s truly never a wrong time to wear wigs. Wigs are a significant accessory whether you’re experiencing hair loss or not.

Many women and men find wearing a wig empowering and confidence-boosting, and you can too. Come into: Synthetic Wigs.

Here are some times and occasions that you may find yourself interesting in trying out some of our wigs for women or wigs for men:

Dating Night

Everyone wants to feel their best on a date with that special someone. Sometimes doing your own hair just doesn’t do the trick. Maybe it’s not colored or freshly cut how you would like, or a wig just simply looks better. You may even want to spice things up and pretend you’re other people for the evening who just met.

No matter what your reason, you really don’t need an excuse. A wig is a perfectly fun and acceptable accessory to spruce up your date night look, just like a great handbag or jewelry would be. With: Trendy wigs.

For Thinning Hair or Hair Loss

There are many people who experience thinning hair or hair loss in their lifetime. If you are, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Americans are experiencing some type of hair loss.

When you’re losing hair, or have lost all or most of it, it’s hard to feel that confidence that you once had at times. A wig is a perfect way to gain your confidence back. With so many different options available today, and even human hair wigs that look and feel as real as possible, you can find something that makes you feel your absolute best.

There are many reasons people lose their hair including, alopecia, medical treatments like chemotherapy, medications, stress, genetics, and more. Just because you don’t have that full head of hair you once had, doesn’t mean you can’t get it back with a gorgeous, natural-looking wig.

A Special Event

Special occasions are a great time to break out a beautiful wig. These are the times that you want your full head-to-toe look to be at it’s best. You may be attending a fancy gala, going to a class reunion, or something else. Whatever the occasion, you can ensure that your hair will be on point all day or night with a stylish wig.

Wigs make bad hair days very few and are easy to style into a perfectly glamorous look for your next special event.

On a Bad Hair Day

Speaking of bad hair days, even if you’re not going anywhere special, throwing on a wig can make them disappear in the blink of an eye.

There are days when hair just won’t do what you want it to do. That’s true for almost anyone with hair. Those days can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be. When you put on a wig that is comfortable to wear and easy to style, it can turn your bad hair day right around.

When You Want a Different Length

There are many people working on growing out their hair that could benefit from a wig. There’s always that awkward phase where your hair isn’t quite where you want it, but you still want to look nice. Wearing Wigs can fix the issue. It’s easy to find something at just the length that you’re trying to achieve until you get there on your own.

Or maybe you have shorter hair and just want to be able to flip longer tresses around or pull your hair up in a cute ponytail. The wig is a perfect way to get that look without having to fully grow out of your hair. With: Celebrity style wigs.

On the other side of things, there are the people that want shorter locks but don’t want to actually cut off a significant amount of hair. There are so many attractive and stylish short styles that flatter a variety of face shapes. Wearing wigs are fun to a new experience.

Don’t be afraid to try a wig, no matter what your reason. With the quality and styles available, you’ll be the only one knowing that you’re wearing one, and you’ll look and feel amazing!


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<![CDATA[The Differences Between Full Lace Cap, 360 Lace Cap and Lace Front Cap]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ladylace-wigsblog/ So many customers, who are new to the wig, are confusing about the wig cap constructions, here we list the 3 main kinds of caps, and you can compare the pros and cons to choosing the most suitable one. And all the cap constructions we can offer are listed here: www.ladylacewigs.com

Full Lace Cap


Full lace cap wigs are the most comfortable wigs because of the soft and stretchable lace cap. And you can freely part your hair like your own hair.


Hand ties the hair to the cap lace.


But, as it needs a lot of hand works, so the price is comparatively higher than the other two kinds of caps when with the same hair type, length, density.


    Price: High

    Hand-tie Area: Full Head


    1. Can be parted anywhere;

    2. High ponytail or updos available.


    The price is higher than the other two kinds of caps with the same hair type, length, and density.


360 Lace Wig


360 lace wigs have caught a lot of attention this year, they allow us to wear into a high ponytail just like full lace wigs by gluing down the lace around the neck, but with a more affordable price.


A 360 lace wig is made by a 360 lace frontal and hair weaves.


    Price: Medium

    Hand-tie Area: Around the Circumference


    1. Can be part in the front area;

    2. A high ponytail and some updos available;

    3. The price is more affordable than a full lace cap wig.


    You can see the tracks on the top head if you separate the hair.


Lace Front Wig


Lace front wigs are the most traditional lace wigs, they have more affordable prices than full lace wigs when with the same hair length, density, and the same hair type.


But the traditional 3" lace front wig cannot meet our demand for a beautiful long deep parting, just like the celebrities, so, we are now launching three types of lace front caps for you to choose from, give you a chance to have a deep 6" part line.


Different type of lace front caps EvaWigs.com offering.


    Price: Medium to Low

    Hand-tie Area: On the Front Parting Area


    1. Can be part in the front area;

    2. The price is more affordable than a full lace cap wig;

    3. If you love deep parting, you can custom the size of the hair parting line.

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<![CDATA[CREATIVE WAYS TO USE REMY HAIR EXTENSIONS]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/CREATIVE-WAYS-TO-USE-REMY-HAIR-EXTENSIONS/ One of the biggest advantages that hair extensions provide is the ability to transform your hairstyle in seconds. The flexibility of the Remy Hair Extensions by Missy Hair Boutique can add length, texture, as well as color. You have the freedom to change your hairstyle to complement your mood or style anytime you want.

Next time you want to change your look, check out our creative ways to use our Remy Hair Extensions.

Add More Volume

When you are looking to add more body to your hair, hair extensions are the perfect solution. The key to creating that glamorous full-body looking hair is by using quality extensions made from real human hair.

Achieve even higher volume with techniques that boost your hairs volume such as a blowout.

Add Color

Extensions allow you to experiment with hair colors. No longer worry about damaging your hair by coloring it. Our different hair extensions let you experiment with various colors you have always wanted to try out.

Our Remy hair extensions come in a variety of colors. Some are too difficult to achieve using dyes.

Frame Your Face

With ladylacewigs.com, our hair extensions let you create various face-framing looks. This includes creating bangs or wearing hair clipped towards the front.

The way your hair is shaped around your face is the most important part of any look. With hair extensions, you get to change this part of your hairstyle as much as you want.


Hair extensions are not always about adding length. You can get as creative as you want. Go from a sassy and cute short hair look to a cascading full-body wig overnight.

At ladylacewigs.com, we provide virgin hair bundles for the best prices.

All of our extensions are 100% human hair. We never use acrylic faux hair or silicone coating. This means you can wash the extensions without worrying they will fall apart.

We recommend washing your hair extensions at least once a week with our Hair Care Products. Especially use the shampoo and conditioner.

At ladylacewigs.com, our Remy Hair Extensions are handcrafted by expert craftsmen. We use only the best strands of human hair. Our hair extensions make your hair look natural and versatile. Take the next step towards creating the flawless look you have always wanted.


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<![CDATA[How to Choose a Wig Color?]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/lady-lace-wigs/ Whether you’re looking to match your natural hair color or want to try something different, choosing a color for your wig can be tricky. Since most styles come in a large selection of colors, it’s important to choose a wig hair color that will be the most flattering match for you. From skin tone to eye color, there are many factors that tie into which color will look best. The big advantage to wearing a wig is that you can easily get the color you want without chemically damaging your hair. So why not experiment and consider color beyond your natural tone? Our experienced design team has compiled a list of tips and important information to help you along your wig color journey.


  1. Think carefully before choosing a color more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. When you pick a color that’s much lighter or darker than your natural hair, the result is dramatic. The safe choice is to choose a shade similar to your natural hair color, but if you are really looking for something new, consider changing the color gradually over a period of time. With: Africa American wigs.


  2. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone. Skin tone is very important when choosing a wig color. As you age, your skin tone tends to fade. Hair color close to your own skin tone or slightly lighter will brighten your complexion and give you a more youthful look. A strong contrast between your hair and skin tone will draw more focus to your facial features. Come into: Lace Front Synthetic Wigs.


  3. Don’t forget about your eyes. If your eyes are golden brown, green, hazel, or light blue, choose a wig with dark or golden browns, chestnut, auburn, or red highlights. If your eye color is dark brown, deep blue/blue-gray, or dark hazel, choose a wig with more natural colors, such as black, brown, and blonde tones.


  4. Think back to the hair color of your youth. If you were blonde when you were a child, chances are, blonde will also work for you as an adult. To match your current skin tone, choose a shade that’s slightly darker than what you had as a child. Come into: Wigs for White Women.


  5. Your clothing's color is also an important factor to make a difference for your choosing a wig. In summer, your clothing is almost in light colors, such as white, green, yellow, you can choose the light colors wig such as gold blonde, light blond. In winter, black shades are your best choice for your clothing is always in a dark color, for example, burgundy rosa and expresso. But the best way is you can buy each color wig to match your every clothing.


  6. Hoping for highlights? You’ll be happy to discover that both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs are pre-blended with natural-looking highlights, designed with a variety of shades that provide rich, natural-looking color. If your wig is auburn, choose copper highlights to brighten the look. Natural brunettes look best with caramel, and blondes look best with honey tones. Open to the ombre trend? We offer ombre wigs too. With: Glueless Full Lace Wigs.


Buying a wig is exciting. With a simple change of color, you can instantly change your look. Plus trying new colors is faster, easier, and won’t damage your natural hair. Don’t forget to consider your skin tone, eye color, and personality as you are making your selection. Once you meet your “color”, you’ll discover a new confident you. With: Capless.


Try out Ladylacewig's complimentary color matching service or order color swatches for beautiful today. And don’t miss our Wig Color Charts which offer a complete overview of our current color selections.

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<![CDATA[My wig journey]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ladylace-wigs-bolg/  

Have you ever been asked the question: “Why do you

wear wigs?” followed with comments like, “There's nothing wrong with your bio hair”.Well if you have, you're not alone. This has also happened

to me many times.

Hi, my name is Kim and I am a proud wig wearer. I have been wearing wigs for over three years and it has been amazing. Okay, at first it wasn't, if I’m being honest. I was terrified to walk out of my house with a wig on my head; I just knew that everyone and their dog knew I was wearing a wig.With glueless lace front wigs or glueless full lace wigs.

It took me some time to build up the confidence to go out and own it!  I had so much to learn. There was a time that I almost gave up and thought, “Oh well, I'm just going to lose my hair, and this is it.” But I didn’t give up; I continued to learn and educate myself about wigs and what looks realistic.  I soon learned how to choose the wigs that worked for me and how to style them. Eventually I started to get comfortable with having more hair and found so much excitement and happiness in playing with and styling my new hair.

After a couple of years of learning and finding new confidence, people started asking a lot of questions like, “Kim, why are you wearing a wig?” Are you sick?  Do you have cancer? And, my favorite comment, “Your bio hair is thin but it's fine”. At first, I was overwhelmed and felt like crawling back into my comfort zone and staying there. I couldn’t do it! I had gained so much confidence with my new hair, and actually started feeling pretty and complete again.

Some people started to notice my new found confidence and unfortunately have tried to make me feel as if there was something wrong with me just because I wore wigs. First, I want to say there isn't anything wrong with wearing wigs. We wear fake lashes, fake nails, get cosmetic treatments and those things help us feel good, right?  Therefore, wearing wigs is no different.  If it gives you that added confidence and joy, then simply go for it.

Wearing a wig, whether it be because of an illness, or because we want a different look, style, or color without commitment, should not make us feel inadequate or odd; especially if that wig is giving us confidence and new found self-esteem.  My advice to you is, when you get your new hair and you feel like a model than strike a pose. Life is too short not to feel pretty. 

If someone asks, are your wearing a wig? Stand tall and firm and answer with that new found confidence, yes, I am. No need to explain why, unless that is something you want to do. To summarize, we owe no explanation for the choices we make. The goal is to be content with ourselves, and that requires a certain level of confidence and happiness.  

I will leave you with this my friends, wear your hair and wear it proud. Wishing each of you happiness!


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<![CDATA[ACKNOWLEDGEMENT]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/ Dear All,

We appreciate you choose ladylacewigs.com from all wigs websites. Youll enjoy the most sincere service and the best quality of wigs. Once we have new products online, well let you know on this page. If you have any problem with purchasing, please contact us. Well always offer the best solutions to help you! Our lace wigs are all exquisite and the quality is really great. Every customer has a good shopping experience in ladylacewigs.com. So what are you waiting for? Come to ladylacewigs.com and buy a suitable wig for yourself!

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<![CDATA[ Wigs Categories]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Categories/ Full lace wigs

Full lace wigs are made on a full lace cap. Full Lace Wigs can be styled in any way, parted anywhere, They are made with Remy Human Hair or top grades Virgin human hair. Full Lace wigs are expensive but they are well worth the money because they are more versatile and last longer than traditional wigs. With full lace wigs.

Lace front wigs

Lace front wigs that give the appearance of a natural hairline with a sheer lace material along the forehead. We offer a broad assortment of the highest quality lace front wigs like Remy lace, 100% human hair lace front, and synthetic lace front in short or long styles.

Only at ladylacewigs.com will you find exactly what you've been looking for including gorgeous lace front wigs with exclusive product images, videos, customer reviews! Come into: Lace front wigs.

360 Lace wigs

Check 360 lace wigs out if you are a fan of the high ponytail or high bun. 360 lace frontal wigs have lace all around allowing more versatilities of styling. A 360 wig is completed with 360 lace frontal and sewin bundles in the middle, for the lace around it has 4 inches parting length in the front and 2 inches at the back. Come into: 360 Lace wigs.

Human hair wigs

They are made of human hair. Remy human hair is the best of the best, the greatest quality out there. That is because they are the longest-lasting type of hair fiber, with a life span of 1 year or more with proper care. Remy human hair means all cuticles run in the same direction, this allows for almost no tangling and ensures that the extensions remain smooth and silky throughout their life span. Come into: Human hair wigs.

African American wigs

African American Wigs is dedicated to providing women quality Wig and Human Hair products. From lace front wig units to mink eyelashes, lady lace wigs are proud to provide a wide selection and many quality hair products designed to enhance your natural beauty. Come into: African American wigs.

Synthetic wigs

Known as “fake hair” they are made of a verity of blended hair fibers, mostly made from plastic, the fibers are made to imitate that of human hair. Some are heat resistant while others are not. With heat resistant, you can curl straighten and style hair like you would on human hair. They shine more and tangle faster.

Both fibers feel and look great. Synthetic hair is at the lower price range and more economical but has a shorter life span of 3-6 months and has more of a coarse wiry feel to the touch.  Human hair lasts a 1yr or more with proper care and blends in perfectly and naturally to your own, they look and feel silkier. Come into: Synthetic wigs.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions (also, Hair Integration) are made of artificial synthetic or human hair extensions. Mostly known as extensions or weave, they add length, volume, and fullness to the human hair. They can be glued, taped, sewn, or clipped onto your natural human hair. Come into: Hair Extensions.

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<![CDATA[How to Remove Shine from a Wig]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/How-to-Remove-Shine-from-a-Wig/ Wigs have come a long way since the 1980s but every so often you may come across a synthetic wig that looks shinier than you would like. Naturally, if it is a wig that you plan to wear every day and not a costume wig, there are a few things you can do.

The first thing you can do if your wig is too shiny to remove shine from a wig is to wash it with good wig shampoo. It should ideally be a shampoo designed for wigs, however, any wig shampoo can do the trick. Once the wig has been washed, hang it to dry on a wig head to see if the shine has been reduced.

Another thing you can do to remove the shine before washing your wig is to take a powder puff or a cosmetic brush and dip it into cornstarch, or baking soda and apply it all over the wig tapping gently and then shake off the excess and brush the wig through. Some people have used baby powder due to its fresh scent

Many of the synthetic wig manufacturers over the years have received countless questions on how to keep wigs from looking shiny, which was the first to provide a solution to its valued wig-wearing customers. They designed a brush called a wig wand made out of a special material filled with powder that is used to remove shine. You simply tap the wig all over and rub it along the fibers to remove the shine. Many customers like this product also because the powder is allergy-free.

We hope you enjoyed these wig tips. If you have any tips or tricks of your own about how to remove the shine off your wigs, we would love to hear about them.


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<![CDATA[New Hairstyles for Women With Wigs]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/New-Hairstyles-for-Women-With-Wigs/  

As we reach the end of the first month of the new year, Hollywood’s best and brightest are beginning to walk every red carpet of the award season. I live for award season, but oftentimes I prefer the red carpet pre-show to the actual ceremonies - unless it’s the Grammy’s or the Tony’s as those award shows are far more entertaining to watch. 

This year, we are seeing past trending haircuts come back in style and making an appearance once again in the spotlight. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the latest hair trends, trending haircuts, and whatever happened to Ariana Grande’s famous ponytail.

Wig Color Trends for 2019

2019 is the year of bold beauty. From runway makeup to having your outfit game on point, this year is the year for everyone to step out of the beauty comfort zone. And, the best way to start is changing up your hair. I have always had ginger hair, and when people first meet me, it is the first thing that they notice. The power of your hair to make an impression is profound and for those who are looking to take it to a new level, here are two options you should consider: 

The Two-Toned Bombshell Wigs

Taking a page out of Selena Gomez’s lookbook, her debut on the red carpet scene this year came with a two-toned blonde look - with darker roots and light ends. The blunt color difference (instead of last years ombre trend) is a strong look that proves that what once was a fashion faux pas is now a hair trend.


The Ultraviolet Edge

Pantone declared 2018’s color of the year to be Ultra Violet - and it has already taken the beauty world by storm. From inspiring a makeup line to adding just a touch of edge to any hair style, for those looking for something a bit more adventurous, this is the path for you. If this violet is a bit too bold, try something in the same purple family. Check out our article about how to incorporate Ultra Violet into your life! Talk with your colorist before you just grab a box of at home hair dye to find the perfect color for you. Found your perfect purple shade but don't want to commit? Try colored extensions or wigs!


For a Short Wig!

Don’t be scared, going for a short cut wig to start the New Year may seem a bit intimidating, but it can actually be wonderfully refreshing.

A few cuts that are already hitting red carpets are the blunt bob and the “lob”, also known as the long bob. In many celebrity cuts, one style of bangs that I haven’t seen hitting the covers of magazines in manyyears is curtain bangs.

Now, if anything I just said seems entirely foreign, DO NOT PANIC! When you are considering any new wig style, I always suggest to discuss your ideas with your stylist, because they might be able to steer you in a direction that is best suited to frame your face. Curtain bangs work on most face shapes, but whatever you do, take a lesson from online beauty blogger fails and leave the bang cutting to the professionals.


Long Ponytail Hairpiece

Last year, my twitter was almost crashed with images of Ariana without her signature ponytail. Back in the day, when Ariana was first hitting the red carpet during her days on Victorious, everyone was asking how she came up with that statement look; and the answer shocked everyone. 

Her decision to create that high pony was to hide major damage done to her hair due to the constant coloring of her hair from her normal brown to fire truck red for her character “Cat” on the television show. Though it has been years since her debut on Nickelodeon, I was shocked at the time to learn that this was a tactic she employed to hide the damage done to her hair. 

But then, I had other questions. Firstly and most importantly, if she had all of that damage, how did she have that much hair in a ponytail? Then it all became clear: she was wearing extensions! Lightweight, non-damaging extensions gave the look of a sleek put together look while still allowing her hair time to heal and grow back healthy.

This is a great trick that anyone can use if they have had hair damage due to heat or chemical treatments, consider this option to help your keep your confidence strong as your natural hair heals and regains its health.


Chopped locks, two-toned bombshells, and more... what other trending hair cuts

and latest hair color trendsare you looking forward to in 2019?


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<![CDATA[Different Types of Lace Wigs]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Different-wigs/ Lace wigs are a hot topic in the market right now. Everybody just loves the look of lace wigs. There are different types of lace wigs in the market. Some of them are transparent lace wigs, full lace wig, lace front wig, bob wig, 360 lace wig, etc.

A lace wig can be defined as a special and different type of hairpiece. It is a hair-piece where the synthetic hair or human hair is connected with the base of the lace. That lace is used as a wig to cover the hair.

Today the most common type of wigs are lace wigs. You often wonder, what are the different types of lace wigs? Well, there are mainly three types of lace wigs that you will commonly found in the market. And they are- Front lace wigs, 360-degree lace wigs, and the full lace wigs.

Front Lace Wigs

The first type of lace wig we will be talking about is lace front wig. For this kind of wig, the lace covers the dimension from one ear to another. The rest of the wig is machine-made. The most important reason for using lace is to cover the front and make it look more natural.

There are different types of front lace wigs to choose from. It includes 13*6 and also 13*4 lace front wig made of human hair and sometimes synthetic hair. The synthetic hair used in lace front wigs also looks very realistic. One cannot even distinguish a normal human hair from the top quality synthetic hair wigs. It is always recommended to choose a good quality lace wig if you want it to last long.

In the case of human lace front wig, you can do whatever style you want. You can even bleach or color human hair wigs. Human hair front lace wigs are more durable and also budget-friendly.

360-degree Lace Wigs

The next lace wig we will be talking about is 360 lace wig. There are ways to define the best kind of 360 lace wigs. In this kind of lace wigs, sheer lace is used. The sheer lace is placed around the whole headline and hairline from the beginning to the end.

Then it is finally attached to the round surface or circle of the lace wig. All this effort is made just to make it look natural. It will make you feel as if the hair is growing from the scalp.

You can do different types of hairstyles. The most favorite hairstyle in this lace wig is high ponytails. The lace gets surrounded by a circle, so nobody will ever understand you are wearing a wig!

Full Lace Wigs

The third in the list comes to full lace wigs. The specialty of these types of wigs is that the entire base is made of lace. Another unique feature of the full lace wig is that it is 100% hand-made.

Each section of the hair is hand-tied. It means one can treat these wigs as their own hair, part the hair from anywhere, and do their desired hairstyles. Full face human hair lace wigs are everyone’s favorite because it has one size that fits all. The cuticles in this lace wigs are kept intact and they run in the same direction.

If you go into more detail, you will find different types of full lace wigs. Like- full lace wigs with stretch in the middle, full lace wigs with poly strips, full lace wigs without any stretch. They are also available in S, M and L sizes.

Transparent Lace Human Hair Wigs

If you are thinking about the transparency of the lace, then no worries, there is a type of wig that goes completely hidden called the transparent lace human hair wig. This type of wig is made by normal but transparent lace. The base of the wig is also transparent. The transparent lace wig is very thin. It will look like your real scalp because it is very thin and also natural.

HD Lace Wigs

The next in line comes the HD lace wig. Swiss lace is used in an HD lace wig. Swiss lace is very soft, light, and delicate too. This type of wig has a more transparent base than a regular wig. One of the unique features of this wig is that it makes the hairline invisible.

Bob Wigs

If you are worried about the length of your hair, you can try bob wig. Women throughout the world are just loving bob wigs. If you have thin and weak hair, then bob wig is the rescue.

It adds much volume to your hair. They are inexpensive because the hair length is small. And you don’t have to cut the hair length, which is also a good thing.

We have seen different types of lace wigs hair. Now it is your decision which one you want to get for yourself on Ladylacewigs.com. But it is guaranteed that you will definitely look like your favorite celebrity. If you have thin, weak hair or if you want to change your look, then different types of lace wigs are just at your service.

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<![CDATA[How to Secure a Wig - The Definitive Guide 2020 ]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/how-to-secure-a-wig/ The biggest concern when wearing a wig is how to wear the wig as safely as possible, to avoid having the wig become slightly askew, or worse, having it fall off together. Even the most veteran of wig-wearers occasionally has a bad wig day. Often, this results from the wig not being secured properly.

Luckily, we have your back. This article is a definitive guide to how to secure a lace wig, we will walk you through how to use everything from bobby pins to wig glue, and will help you choose the right securing method for your hair type.

Say goodbye to bad hair days. Let's get started.


When many people think of securing wigs, they often jump to wig glue, which is one of the most common methods. When applied correctly, glue can fasten the wig in a way that can hardly be seen and which can stay for several days at a time.

However, wig glue isn’t a perfect solution. Using the wrong glue can aggravate your scalp and cause a reaction that can lead to hair loss. Meanwhile, using too much glue can leave residue along your scalp, but not using enough can cause your wig to loosen during the day--and that, of course, is how accidents happen.

We will look at how to properly use wig glue later in this article. For now, however, we will examine the other alternatives, which can often work just as well and, in some cases, even better.


Bobby pins need no introduction. You’ve probably used them to tame flyaways at some point in your life. But did you know that you can also use them to secure your wig? Bobby pins provide a firm hold from the moment you put your wig on in the morning until the moment it comes off at night.

1. When deciding on which pins to purchase, bear in mind that not all bobby pins are the same. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, differing in terms of thickness, flexibility, ridges, and color. When choosing proper bobby pins, make sure that the pin feels comfortable and flexible enough to wear for hours at a time; if yours give you a headache after a few hours, swap them out for a new set. And make sure that the color matches your wig wherever possible in order to reduce visibility.

2. Once you’ve purchased the correct bobby pins, tie or braid down of your natural hair. Smooth any stray or baby hairs with gel, hairspray or pomade. Your hair should lie as flat as possible.

3. Secure your wig slowly, working from the front to the back. Make sure that it’s in the position you want. Check, double-check and triple-check in the mirror.

4. Now it’s time to break out the bobby pins. Work slowly by lifting your wig slightly section by section. It is recommended to begin at the front: Gently lift up a section of the wig along your edges, then slide the bobby pin through both the weft and your own hair.

5. Work all the way around your head. Check how secure the wig feels. If it feels even a little bit unstable, add more bobby pin. As long as they’re not visible (and if you’ve chosen a matching color, then they shouldn’t be visible!) add as many as it takes for it to feel completely secure.

6. Shake your head slightly to make sure that the wig holds. You’re ready to go!

So what are the pros and cons of using bobby pins?


1. Bobby pins are cheap and easy to come by. If you have access to a beauty supply store--or even a convenience store--you can often pick up a pack of several dozen for little more than a dollar. The low price and high availability make it easy to try out different types, purchase different colors and restock on the go.

2. Bobby pins don’t use any sort of chemicals, unlike glue, so they won’t leave you with an aggravated scalp. That is, unless you secure them too tightly.

3. Bobby pins are easy to manage, so if you want to adjust your wig--or even change it completely during the day--you’ll be able to do that without wrestling with glue.


1. You will need a good amount of natural hair in order to use bobby pins, as the pins must have something to secure to. If you’re wearing a wig as a way to compensate for hair loss, then bobby pins may not be the method for you.

2. If you secure the pins too tightly, they can cause a headache.

3. It can sometimes require plenty of pins to secure a wig properly. If you use too few, the wig may subtly go askew without you realizing it. If you use too many, you may irritate your scalp or even pull out your natural hair.

4. Using many pins can make putting on or taking off a wig a bit time-consuming.

5. Bobby pins are not commonly used when to apply a lace front wig or a full lace wig, because they will break the lace with holes.


Wig clips are a bit more secure (and a bit more advanced) than bobby pins. On the bright side, once installed, they become a stable long-term solution that can make putting on and taking off your wig a breeze. On the downside, they require a bit of sewing skill to install.

What are wig clips? They are plastic or metal combs that can be sewn into your wig. They are secure and long-lasting. Unlike bobby pins, which need to be added and removed at the beginning and end of each day, wig clips are permanent--once you sew them in, you can use the same clips for the entire lifespan of that wig. 

1. Purchase a set of clips. They are usually sold in packs of a dozen or so from local beauty supply stores, as they are a fairly common item. Use as many or as few as you need in order to feel secure. 

2. Sew in the wig clips by hand. Space each clip out about 1 inch (roughly 2 centimeters) apart and work your way all the way around. Test to make sure the clips are secure, because you don’t want your wig sliding off! You should also check to ensure that the thread is not visible. To be safe, use a thread that matches the color of your wig.

You should sew at least 6 clips, two along the hairline, one on the top, two on each side around the ears, one on the back around the neck. And then add more to the places you want.

3. Now it’s time to prepare your own hair. Tie or braid your hair down. Use gel, hairspray or pomade to lay your baby hairs flat and to smooth down any stray strands.

4. Slowly slide the wig onto your head, beginning at the front. Carefully work the clips into your natural hair one by one. Take your time. You don’t want to put the clips in too tightly, which can cause a headache, and you don’t want to move too quickly and accidentally snap off part of a clip. Depending on the material they’re made out of, the teeth on wig clips can break easily.

5. Check your wig to make sure that it’s straight, and test whether it’s secure by lightly shaking your head or by wearing it around your house for about five minutes. If you feel anything slipping, secure the wig clips more tightly, add a few bobby pins or consider sewing in more clips.


1. Because they slide directly into your natural hair, wig clips offer a secure hold without any of the risks that come with using a heavy glue.

2. Wig clips are fairly easy to install and last a long time. This makes them a good long-term option for people who don’t have time to wrestle with dozens of bobby pins each morning.

3. Wig clips are invisible. If you install them correctly and use a thread that matches your hair, you’ll never have to worry about anything accidentally showing.


1. Like with bobby pins, wig clips require a fair amount of natural hair to get a stronghold, preferably at least an inch or two. For people who have hair loss, this might not be a valid long-term option.

2. Similarly, for those with a sensitive scalp or hair that is prone to breakage, wig clips may cause headaches or put undue strain on the natural hair.

3. Installing wig clips requires knowledge of sewing--only basic knowledge, to be sure, but knowledge nonetheless. Anyone who is not a veteran sewer may leave threads visible or accidentally damage the wig. If you don’t already know your way around a thimble, learn from a friend, watch a few YouTube videos and practice on a piece of fabric before you take a needle to your wig.

4. Wig clips still aren’t quite as secure as glue, so if you’re doing heavy amounts of physical exercise, you’ll have to take extra care that your wig remains in place during cardio. Consider adding a few bobby pins for good measure. Better safe than sorry.


This one will require a little more sewing, but once you’ve sewn it in, it requires even less work than the bobby pin or wig clip method. An elastic band is a strip that can be attached in a wig from ear to ear in order to provide a quick and snappy way to secure it. This is especially useful for those in a hurry.

1. Fortunately, this method doesn’t require a particular type of elastic that is compatible with hair. Any type of elastic will do as long as you find it comfortable and it doesn’t pull too tightly at your scalp. Patronize your nearest craft store to pick up a roll at a relatively low price.

2. Sew the elastic band on the inside of your wig, running it over your head from ear to ear. Be careful to make sure that no parts of the elastic show through. You don’t have to go as far as dying the elastic the same color as your wig; however, if you can find elastic that matches your wig color, this will make the application process all the easier as it will help the wig look natural.

3. Apply the wig to your head slowly, working from front to back. If it’s too loose, tighten the elastic. Check in the mirror to make sure that all is in order.


1. Elastic is easy to manipulate as a material. Unlike wig clips, which must be painstakingly sewn, elastic is a little simpler for beginners, as it is thicker and can be sewn as a single continuous piece.

2. This method is perfect for anyone on the go, as you can snap on your wig as you head out the door. There’s no need to mess with dozens of bobby pins, and you don’t even have to worry about wrestling with wig clips. Just slide it in, adjust in the mirror and go.

3. Unlike bobby pins and wig clips, an elastic band doesn’t require a lot of natural hair to stay in place. That makes this perfect for anyone with hair loss or sensitive hair.


1. Like wig clips, this method does require a little bit of sewing. Mistakes therein can make your wig lie unevenly or prevent the elastic from properly securing the wig. 

2. The elastic can pull against your scalp. When applied improperly, the band can rub against your natural hair and cause breakage.

3. If you don’t secure the elastic tightly enough, this method will not be as secure as bobby pins or wig, so if you plan on doing a lot of strenuous exercise or even just leaving your wig on for an extended period of time, you may have to manage slippage.


One of the most common methods is the wig grip, and for good reason. They are easy to secure and easy to wear, and no natural hair is required in order to make them look great.

They are more of an advanced option than plain elastic, because wig grips are often comprised of two components. Velvet on both sides leaves you with a firm hold that won’t irritate your scalp or pull your hair, while the gripping material adheres to your scalp on one side and the wig on the other.

1. Smooth down your natural hair if you have any and secure it with glue or hairspray, paying special attention, as always, to baby hairs and flyaways.

2. Carefully line the wig grip up with your hairline and adjust the fit with the strap that can be found in the back. Secure the wig from front to back slowly. The nape of the wig should be the last piece secured.

3. Ensure that your wig is straight and secure by checking it in the mirror, shaking your head gently or wearing it around for a few minutes. If there is any slippage, pull the grip tighter.


1. The grips make your wig easy to put on and easy to take off. So easy, in fact, that you can easily remove your wig during the day, whether you just want to cool down during the summer months or even change your hairstyle during your lunch break.

2. They are gentle on sensitive scalps and skin, so they won’t tug at your natural hair. If you have hair loss or if you’re even just trying to grow your hair out, this is an excellent and protective choice.

3. The lack of tight clips reduces the risk of headache or discomfort.


Unlike wig clips, wig grips don’t last forever, as they can stretch over time and therefore provide an increasingly less secure hold. How often you have to change your grip is dependent upon how tightly you pull it and how often you wear that particular wig, so be aware.


The first method, and perhaps the most secure, is wig glue. You can apply an adhesive just to your edges if you’re wearing a lace front over natural hair, but if you’re completely bald, you can make use of roll-on glue to secure the wig with a firm and natural-looking hold. Whichever method you choose, be aware that incorrectly removing the glue could lead to pulling out hair. So if your scalp is sensitive, beware.

1. First, you need to cleanse your hairline. Dampen a soft rag or cotton swab and run it gently along your hairline to strip away buildup of dirt and oils that could prevent the glue from properly sticking.

2. Gently apply the glue along your hairline. Follow the instructions on the packaging, as each glue is a bit different, and some need to dry slightly before you can adhere the wig to your scalp.

3. Attach your wig slowly and carefully, working from front to back, similar to the other adhering methods. 

4. Be sure that your wig is on straight before you press it firmly down, or else the glue will bond while the wig is still askew! The last thing you want is for your wig to be secure--but crooked. 

5. Gently press the hair down onto the glue. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before you style it in order to make sure that the adhesive is completely dry.


1. Wig glue is relatively inexpensive.

2. No sewing is required. Even if you lack skills with a needle and thread, you’ll be able to stick-and-press with ease.

3. Compared to bobby pins, wig glue is incredibly secure and less time-consuming. 


1. As with any chemical, there’s a risk of an allergic reaction. Test the glue by dabbing a little onto the back of your hand and leaving it for several minutes (or preferably overnight). If you develop a reaction to it, then don’t use that glue on your scalp! Not unless you want to severely damage your hair. Even if you’ve never had an allergic reaction to a hair chemical before, it’s better safe than sorry, so be sure to test everything before you apply it. 

2. Unlike clips and bobby pins, wig glue cannot be reused, so you will have to continually buy more. 

3. It’s not recommended that you remove your wig and reapply it several times over the course of the day, as that could pull up your hair or irritate your scalp. So if you’re prone to overheating in your wig, you may want to choose a method that will allow you more flexibility for daytime removal.

4. If you don’t completely wash off the glue at the end of each day, either with water or a gentle solution, glue can build up and irritate your skin.

That said, let’s look at the two most popular brands of glue.


For short-term wear, Got2B glued is a simple choice. It’s a great beginner’s glue as it’s easy to stick and go. However, the original brand doesn't hold up well against sweat or water, so if you’re going out in the rain or plan to hit the gym, choose a stronger make.



Bold Hold Glue comes in a wide range, from the original, which is perfect for everyday wear, to Bold Hold Extreme Cream and Bold Hold Active, both of which provide strongholds that can withstand not only precipitation and perspiration, but also overnight wear. That’s right--with Bold Hold, you can rock your wig for days at a time. Perfect for a busy schedule!


If you have natural hair, tape is not the best choice, as it can easily pull up your roots and leave your skin irritated (and your hair damaged).

Wig tape is as simple as it sounds. It’s a double-sided adhesive that secures your wig to your scalp along your hairline. Although at first glance tape doesn’t seem particularly secure (especially compared to something like glue) this is actually an extremely stable measure that can hold your wig for an entire day.

1. Cut the tape into strips according to your preferences. You have a lot of freedom here, so press the tape along your hairline in any way that feels secure. If you’re bald, you can adhere the tape all over your head for an extra strong hold.

2. Be aware that some wigs come readymade with places to put the tape. This will make the process easier.

3 But on the wig slowly, beginning from front to back.

4. Check the wig in the mirror.

5. Press the wig down firmly and hold it for several seconds to make sure that the glue adheres. Now you’re ready to go!


1. The tape is often as strong as wig glue, with less of a cleanup required afterward.

2. Wig tape is not the cheapest item on the market, but a single roll lasts a long time, so it’s worth the money.

3. There’s a lower risk of a chemical reaction than with the glue.


1. As with the glue, it’s difficult to remove the wig throughout the day. 

2. Although you’re not using pure chemicals like with glue, wig tape can leave behind residue, so be sure to thoroughly clean your hair, scalp or any other part that comes into contact with the tape throughout the day.

3. If your tape is especially secure, you may need a solution in order to help it come unstuck.


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<![CDATA[How Can I Sleep in My Lace Wig?]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/How-Can-I-Sleep-in-My-Lace-Wig/  



For girls who wear wigs every day, after using few hours to braiding natural hair and glue down the wig, of course, we want it to stay as long as it can to save our time and the glue is messy.


It's understandable to sleep in your beautiful wig at night, but you need to take good care of it to avoid hair messing and tangling, especially for the human hair lace wigs we bought with a lot of money.


So, what should we do to protect the hair and make us feel comfortable when sleeping in a lace wig?


    1. Braided your lace wig or put it in a ponytail to reduce friction. A short wig will be less of an issue but if you can clip it or hold it in place with bobby pins it will be better for your wig.

    2. Wear a sleep cap, or wrap a scarf around your head and secure the scarf with a loose knot at the nape of your neck to protect the lace wig.

    3. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. It will help prevent friction, which protects your wig from tangling or being damaged.

    4. Untie your head wrap in the morning and finger style the wig, and brush off all the tangles from the hair to keep your wig from frizzing and matting.

    5. Some people lose their hair due to chemo, sleeping in a wig and waking up with hair may make them feel better. In these cases, have a second cheaper wig as your night time wig, keep your nice lace wig on a wig stand would help you a lot.

No matter how good we protect the wig when sleeping in it, we should wash and condition both the wig and our natural hair at least once a week, and more frequently in hot weather. Because sleep in your lace wig every night or overtime will shorten the lifespan of your wig, and your natural hair needs fresh air and your edges need a break.


Here’re some tips for washing and maintaining your wig when taking off your wig for clean.


    1. Use the products you wash and condition your natural hair is also not bad for your wig.

    2. Detangle the hair prior to wash it so that loose hairs are taken out. Remember to handle your wig gently while washing and conditioning it.

    3. Flip over your wig, wash the inside of your wig’s cap carefully to remove excess hair products used in washing and conditioning, otherwise, your scalp may suffer from itching.

    4. Let the hair dry by putting it on a wig stand.

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<![CDATA[5 Best Wig Styles For Fall 2018]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/BEST-WIG-STYLE-FOR-FALL-2018/ If you’re anything like me, you jump at the opportunity to change it up with your hairstyle! Lucky for us, it’s one of the best times of year to get a new wig to go with our fall style and start gearing up for the cold. But how do we make sure we are keeping up with the trends? Here’s a list of the best wig styles for 2018 to keep you at the top of your fashion game (and everyone else’s!)

Sky by Noriko

This absolutely gorgeous wig style is chic and effortless. Can it get much better than that? I’ve searched far and wide for the perfect balance of dark and light and Maple Sugar-R is my color of choice. It’s rich and rooted in medium brown and has just the right hue with a honey brown base and strawberry blonde highlights. Of course, the wispy ends and feathered layers keep in trendy in all colors. Ooh-la-la!

Upstage by Raquel Welch

My favorite part about Upstage is that it’s a lace front wig that makes it blend in perfectly with your hairline so no one can tell it’s not your real hair! It’s also got a 100% hand-tied cap, meaning that every hair is hand-tied individually and has a totally natural movement to it. Godern Russet is for sure the height of fall style, with its simply lovely distribution of ginger blonde and medium golden blonde. I really think you’re going to love this one.


Zara by Jon Renau 

Okay, so personal favorite, here. Zara by Jon Renau is seriously, so pretty I can’t get enough. It’s flirty, feminine, and guaranteed to make you the envy of all your fall festivities. With ready-to-wear synthetic hair that looks and feels natural and open lifting in the cap to create better air ventilation, you’ll think it’s a human hair wig. I got mine in 12FS8 because it has the pale blonde color I crave but it’s also shaded with medium brown to make it perfect for fall. But let’s be honest, what we all want is that length that’s to die for and now it’s all yours.


Editor’s Pick by Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Wigs are at the height of fashion and that’s why we have to include Editor’s Pick. It’s an above the shoulder, layered bob and it’s styled with a bouncy waviness I can’t help but fall all over! This wig also has a lace frontal, and best part – its Tru2Life® Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair can be styled with thermal styling tools up to 350°. For a stunning dark blonde, try it in Shaded Wheat. If you’re thinking of going red, this style rocks in Deepest Ruby.

Carrie Exclusive

Last but certainly not least is Carrie Exclusive by Jon Renau. This is a human hair lace front wig, so you can style it just like your natural hair and it has an incredibly soft feel. I love that it can seduce when worn in a curled fashion, or be flipped to lighten things up. I just feel like this wig was made for anyone who likes to be full of surprises. Keep your tones warm this fall with Darkest Blown. It’s ultra-rich and delectably decadent. Voila!

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<![CDATA[Human Hair Wigs Become New Fashion Trend]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Human-Hair-Wigs-Become-New-Fashion-Trend/

Today, wearing wigs is making a remarkable fashion effect for everyone. Some women are facing some diseases should bear chemical treatment such as cancer. For them, choose from only several wigs could not going to allow them find a helpful wig. There are some online stores offering varieties of wigs and also give them an important opportunity to choose perfect unit that can match their needs and comfortable.

Human hair wigs are the best choice; these are actually favored by women because they can get new style which appears natural as well as stylish. Hair accessories are quite available in the market to serve you either the best of it, every women seeks to get complete real human hair wigs that can give them comfortable feel and really natural appearance.

20 years ago, there are lots of women suffering from hair loss who desire to try human hair wigs, which made them publicly more complex. Now, they can easily face such situations since they can get varied wigs with many styles that can match their personalities and also to let them become younger and outstanding, they regain confidence! Many women like to wear the human hair lace front wigs while others like full lace wigs. Lace front wig is something that is certainly cheaper and affordable for most women.

When this comes to different varieties, there are certainly lots of varieties, different hair type, color, length, different cap constructions. The choices for wig wearers are virtually endless. There are some human hair wigs that are in a huge demand among majority of women, because they look completely natural and have many advantages than those of synthetic hair wigs. Well, there is a great choice depending on what you actually desire. However, how long can you use the wig depend on how will going to wear them and how will you take care of your wig.

There are some real human hair wigs are made from Asian hair, most of the top quality hair generally comes from china and also some other countries such as Brazil, India. Brazilian hair is famous because they have better quality that Indian hair. As women mostly like human hair wigs that looks natural, and also feels highly soft as well as can last long time.

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<![CDATA[Wigs Fashion and Wigs Trends for 2017]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/Wigs-Fashion-and-Wigs-Trends-for-2017/ Just because you wear wigs doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. As some of the trends mentioned by  Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue and many other Fashion Experts, we have matched up with some wigs and hairpieces that will keep you up with the current fashion trends.  Here are a few examples:

Boho Beach Waves

The Boho Beach waves are gentle long waves just like our picture perfect.  They are so romantic and soft looking around your face that everyone is going to feel very feminine with any of these wigs. With black lace front wigs or human hair lace front wigs.


Long Pony Tails

The long sleek ponytail is being showcased by many celebrities at many functions.  It is so simple and elegant that anyone can wear them. They often say less is best and the sleek ponytail is definitely that.  We have the Shelly in Human hair and the HP-ES is in synthetic hair.  Both come in an array of colours and will look great at your next event.


Buns come in many shapes and sizes from hair wraps, scrunchies to formal buns.  Buns are not so easy to do yourself but a clip-in a bun takes all the hassle out of styling your own hair. The Grace Bun and the Delightful Bubble can be placed over your own hair and are attached with clips.  The Mimic is a scrunchie that is so easy to attach and looks fantastic.  It’s a must to put in your suitcase when travelling and want something to throw your hair up to dinner.  It’s definitely the no-fuss hairstyle that everyone can achieve.  These options are all synthetic hair that you do not need to style at all as it is all done for you.


Bombshell Hollywood Styles

The full-blown Hollywood style is definitely that glamorous long hair that looks like you just walked off the stage.  The long synthetic hair wigs section has this covered in many styles and colours.  The Sugar Rush, Amber and Ava are just a few to mention that are some of our favourites. These examples are all synthetic but there are certainly some Human hair options if you are happy to spend a little more.

You can see our full range of wigs and hairpieces at ladylacewigs.com. Contact us if you have any queries.

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<![CDATA[Hair Trends for 2016 Fall ]]> https://www.ladylacewigs.com/blog/ladylace-wigs-blog/

Now that Full lace wigs fall has officially arrived, it’s time to make our seasonal changes. For many women, fall is a time to break out the comfortable sweaters, sassy scarves, and statement boots. As women make the change in wardrobe, they also begin to make changes in their hair and makeup, as well. However, for women suffering from hair loss, the fall is just another season to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. But instead of hiding behind your wig or partial pieces this fall, women dealing with hair loss should use their custom wigs to embrace the fall hair trends if this year!

Human hair wigs allow women to create a style as if they were at a normal hair salon. Human hair wigs can be cut, colored, and styled to create a look that suits your needs and makes you feel great about facing the world. So what fall hair trends should you consider with your wig?

·         Single Process Color- This means that the entire hue of the hair is treated only once to create a new color look.

·         Double Process Color- This means that your entire hue is treated and then highlights are added afterwards.

·         Bronde- This recently created term defines the look between brown and blonde. It can be described as someone with a medium brown color with lighter highlights on top.

·         Balayage- This term describes the new method used when highlighting the hair. In its French translation, balayage means sweeping, which is the motion used when bleaching the hair.

·         Hair Accessories- Hair accessories are beginning to make a comeback for fall. Bold headbands and fun clips are helping to create a new look for fall.

Fall Hair Trends with Wigs and Hair Solutions

At Ladylacewigs.com, we help our clients with their hair loss. If you find yourself experiencing hair loss, call us to discuss options. We specialize in custom synthetic and human hair wigs partial pieces, and toppers to cover any level of hair loss. Whether your hair loss is only temporary or a permanent occurrence, our stylists will be able to create the look you want with a high quality wig, topper, or partial piece.

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