The latest beach-inspired trend may be just what you need to brighten your mood. Capture that carefree summer feeling with an Ocean Hair wig from If you’ve read fashion magazines or been on social media lately, you might have spotted this fun trend. If you haven’t, you’re undoubtedly asking yourself, ‘What in the world is Ocean Hair?


Well, it’s blue hair of course, but Ocean Hair is much, much more. It’s a combination of shades of cobalt, teal, turquoise, and even some hints of green which create depth and movement - mimicking the unpredictable ocean waves.


Created by California-based hairstylist, Brittany Holland, Ocean Hair is a trend that has become wildly popular. Check out her hair color posts on her Instagram. The best part of Ocean Hair is that everyone can put their own spin on it.


Try ombre blue or midnight roots that fade out, or even bright blues and greens reminiscent of Caribbean waters. Dyeing your own locks blue may be too much of a commitment or too much for your bank account. Don’t worry - you can try the trend without hours spent in a colorist’s chair. The hairdo has made it possible to wear today’s trends without cutting or coloring your hair. Experiment with all sorts of colors and highlights with simple clip-in extensions or full wigs.


Hairdo’s Blue Waves wig. If you want a full color look without the dyeing process, try a full wig in a bright and fun color. You can rock your own version of Ocean Hair with Hairdo’s Blue Waves wig. Make a splash in this bold blue with on-trend waves where colors flow from dark roots to bold and baby blues. It’s mermaid hair in just seconds. Made of heat-friendly synthetic fiber, you can wear this style as smooth and straight as a calm ocean or as wavy as a stormy sea.